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Understand the Department and The Entities It Supports

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Understand the Department and The Entities It Supports

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Since the budget is the amount of money that is spent in a certain area, the department is the entity that has been given funding to spend this money, it is important to be clear about this as a budget analyst.

A department can be a federal government agency, a state government agency, a city agency, or even a school district. There may also be entities that are funded on behalf of the department, but over which the department has no control.

In other words, the department does not decide Japan Email List
how that money is spent. For example, a program that receives funding from the state government, but the state does not control the program.

Understand the goals and priorities of the department as a budget analyst
The objectives are the raison d'être of the government or the department, they are the engine that drives the organization to carry out certain activities, they are usually ambitious and long-term.


A key aspect of goals is that they are aspirational, and aspirational goals are considered the best type of goals, they are not only aspirational in the sense that they are future-oriented, but they are also aspirational in the sense that they are ambitious.

For example, “We want to make more meals on wheels available to seniors in the community” is an aspirational goal. “We want to significantly reduce the number of older people who cannot eat nutritious meals on a regular basis” is an ambitious goal.

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